The Department of Multi Disciplinary Studies - ESHKOL

The Eshkol Studies Department is a single track department anchored in the Department of General Studies in the University of Haifa. We offer a BA program with a unique curriculum that has been specifically designed for public servants in various employment sectors and that pays particular attention to the requirements of the different organizations they belong to.

There are two main study tracks:
1. A Personal Enrichment Program
2. A Law Enforcement Program

Both programs build on the extensive experience the University of Haifa has gained over the years through its interaction with salient governmental and public bodies (IEC, government offices, military, police).
The subjects our programs cover have been fully adapted to the academic content of the General Studies Department, and are simultaneously geared specifically to the various organizational and managerial domains the employees and managers who our students belong to.

Moreover, our courses are adapted to the needs and circumstances of the employees (in terms of flexibility, consolidation ...) and to the demands of their organizations (content: organizational behavior, learning skills, services improvement, logistics, introduction to economics, industrialization, and so on).

Thus you will be able to find such study programs as The Third Sector program, The Tax Consultants Program, The Manufacturers Association Programs, The Therapists and Paramedics Programs, the Sport Practitioners Program, and many others.